Real range and charge times Iframe Integration

Real range and charge times BilInfo Integration

With our widget for real range and charging times you can easily and quickly display and advise your customers with data like real range by season and speed and charging times that include both home charging and DC/fast charging. This widget will only work for websites with the car module from Bilbasen/Bilinfo.


Step to step guide


Include the resources

Start by including the resources to your page. Include the Stylesheet inside the Head and the Javascript before the tag




To get your widget to display data, there are some parameters that need to be filled in. The parameters are explained below. The parameters with a * must be filled in.

ID *


Insert the ID you have been sent.

Width *


Define the width of the widget in pixels. Minimum width is 320px. The width can also be defined as "100%" and will then fill the entire width


Insert widget to website

Place the following <div> at the top inside your <body> tag, it will only be used to validate with the sent ID. The widget will automatically be placed under the Bilinfo's Modul, just above the <footer>.


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